Safe Shopping

Cotswold Collections takes the shopping security of our website very seriously and has installed a number of features in order to maximise this. Detailed below are descriptions of GlobalSign Security and Verified by Visa / Mastercard SecureCode which are features designed to improve security of website usage and credit card payments. We hope this information is self-explanatory but please contact if you need additional clarification.


Click to View Site Seal – This site has chosen a GlobalSign SSL Extended Security Certificate to improve website security. Many people have concerns over Internet security, and in particular when this is to do with on-line shopping. In order to try to alleviate your concerns, our security principles are given below:

  • Any information collected for the purpose of on-line shopping or ordering is transmitted using a secure protocol. In other words the information is encrypted (“scrambled”) while in transmission, and can only be de-crypted by ourselves.
  • Any information held by us is stored on a secure server and is not released to any other organisation
  • If you would like to verify our secure server please click on this link.

If you have any specific concerns about security please email us and we will try to help. You will see the small yellow padlock sign on the ‘Payment’ page in the bottom right hand corner of your status bar as proof that our site is secure for credit card details (For Internet Explorer 7 users, this is displayed to the right of the address bar).

Verified by Visa and Mastercard® SecureCode™

Visa Secure Mastercard Secure

Cotswold Collections has introduced Verified by Visa and Mastercard® SecureCode™ to give our customers even more confidence when shopping online with us. These services enhance your existing card account against unauthorised use when shopping online.

If your bank operates a secure authentication policy and you have not previously registered you may be requested to do so within the checkout process. To register your payment card you need to click on “Activate now” and complete the details requested. You will be asked to create a password. Using a secure link your bank will verify these details; the information is not kept or visible to Whenever you shop online in the future using your registered card, you will be asked for your password. If your password matches, the purchase will be confirmed. To find out more about these services:

Visit the Verified by Visa website

Visit the Mastercard® SecureCode™ website

Once you’ve registered and created your own private password with your card issuer, you’ll be prompted automatically at checkout to provide this password each time you make a purchase.

Please note: Your Verified by Visa or Mastercard® SecureCode™ password is not your account password. does not have access to your Verified by Visa or Mastercard® SecureCode™ password.